supervisors of Ph.D. candidates:

Zhang Hailin

Zhang Hailin was born in Xi’an City, P.R of China, in 1963. He received the Ph.D. form Xidian University, Xi’an, China, in 1991 in electronic information engineering. Form then, he has been with Xidian University as a member of teaching and researching. He is now a senior Professor and a Ph.D. adviser with School of Telecommunications Engineering at Xidian University. He is currently the Dean of this school, a key member of State Key Laboratory of Integrated Services Networks, one of the state government specially compensated scientists and engineers, He has recently published 80 papers in core journals and conferences, including 50 papers indexed by SCI and EI. Dr. Zhang’s current research interests include key transmission technologies and standards on next generation broadband wireless communications, and green communication networks.