Network and communication new technology

   1、Cognitive Radio    

The school of telecommunications engineering in Xidian University started the research on cognitive radio(CR) communication technology since 2004, and belongs to the top groups in the field of CR research. During the research period, a lot of fruitful results was achieved, which have earned it a worldwide reputation. Specifically, more than 10 patents and more than 50 papers related have been applied and published, respectively. Furthermore, several proposals were submitted to the international and domestic standards organizations such as ITU, and 5 among them were accepted.    

In the CR research field of the team, several key techniques were broken through, a variety of innovative technologies were invented, and a dynamic spectrum management system was constructed. Also based on WLAN, the frame structure and the resources management protocol for cognitive communication system were designed, which play crucial roles in a practical demonstration and verification system. Moreover, some of the technologies have been applied to the industry.    

The school of telecommunications engineering is in a leading position in the field of CR research and provides more guidance to the further development of the communications industry.2、Ad Hoc Networks

With the aims of providing the fundamental theoretical support for the new generation of wireless communication systems and further promoting their industrialization process effectively, innovative contributions to the intelligent networking technologies are made in this research. The intelligent networking and control technologies, the MIMO-OFDM transmission and MAC (Medium Access Control) technologies are analyzed deeply in the research. As a result, the complete research architecture and theoretical frameworks are established, which are supported by the newly PHY(physical layer) techniques and intelligent networking technologies. Then, the centralized and distributed smart wireless network technologies adapted to the high dynamic environments are explored. Furthermore, the MAC and routing protocols based on advanced PHY technologies in mixing networks are proposed. Finally, the real-time efficient network topology partition detection algorithms and network connectivity compensation technologies are proposed to guarantee the QoS for networks of different sizes and requirements.

3、Quantum Coding And Quantum Communication

Quantum communication is an interdisciplinary subject which combines classical communication theory with quantum mechanics. Quantum coding theory and quantum communication technology are new fields and research direction of communication and information system. At present, our faculty has published about fifty papers related to this field on national and international key journals and international conferences, applied for two patents, developed a prototype of quantum switch successfully, established demonstration systems for quantum secure communication and quantum communication network. Our research has reached the international advanced level. The research results can be applied to highly secure communication system, such as military communication network, government network, Unionpay network and so on. It also can be used in experiment and research on quantum physics.

The demonstration system of quantum communication

The theoretical results and some publications4、Networking and Switching Technology (1)Technology/IC Research and Demonstration of HINOC (High Performance Network Over Coax)   

With the integration of the telecommunication, CATV and internet networks as background, and aiming at independent innovations, we study on HINOC (High Performance Network Over Coax), a solution for high performance residence access system over coax, to meet the demand of the Next Generations Broadcasting (NGB) network. As FTTB (Fiber-to-the-Building) has been widely deployed, HINOC, after the targeted HINOC Bridge and MODEM equipments are fully realized, will provide high speed, high performance multiple services such as IPTV, VoD, VoIP and high-speed internet surfing through the coax cables of CATV networks.

(2)Single Stage Switching Fabric IP and AFDX Demonstration Switch

An IP core of a single stage switching unit is realized, which conforms to the Aviation Full Duplex Ethernet switch standard. A 16-port AFDX switch is built to demonstrate the performance of the IP core. AFDX is a combination of off-the-shelf Ethernet and high-performance label switching technology, providing deterministic quality of service (QoS) and high reliability, an attractive alternative to the complex, heavy traditional on-board specific communication buses.

(3)R&D of Multi-Stage Switching Fabric IP   

Three type switching units to constitute a 3-stage Clos switch fabric, Ingress Stage, Middle Stage and Egress Stage are independently devised and implemented, and a high efficiency central switch routing algorithm is proposed. An experimentation and demonstration system using the IP cores is established and shows that the switching units work perfectively, attaining to gigabit line speed packet processing capacity. The project indicates that our team having a good command of the craft-of-the-art of switching fabric design, and capable of customizing switching fabrics and equipments to meet specific requirements, such as of on-board satellite switching and space station communication systems.

HINOC1.0 Demonstration and Test System

HINOC1.0 Industry Standard Recommendations3-stage CLOS Switching Fabric Demonstration and Test system